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Preserving Family Photographs

The life expectancy of a photograph is dependent upon the care and handling that it receives.  Photographs can easily be damaged by improper handling, storage, display and framing.  There are however, things that you can and should do to safeguard these...

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Restoring Picture Frames

So you have an old frame that you absolutely adore, but it's just not its old self anymore? Perhaps it looks worn, discolored and is even cracked, broken or missing in places. Old World Restorations can help!  We do frame and...

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Selecting a Conservator

When damage occurs to art, antiques, photographs and historic documents you should seek the advice of an experienced conservator. A professional conservator can diagnose problems, provide treatment options when necessary, prescribe a maintenance plan and recommend proper display and storage...

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Gilding Adds Quality and Value In the art world, nothing makes a piece stand out more than a gold overlay. Gilding is a decorative process in which gold leaf or dust is applied to a surface. This process can be...

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Restoring Furniture

Secrets to Keeping Your Furniture in Good Condition  Old World Restorations is well-experienced with furniture restoration, but we also want to help you keep your furniture in the best condition possible so that you can continue to enjoy it as...

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Art Restoration Services | Old World Restorations Cincinnati

We provide so many art restoration services that it's hard to keep track of them all - which isn't exactly a bad thing. It just means we do it all! We have been providing art restoration services collectors, individual people,...

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Photo Restoration Process | Old World Restoration

How does someone go about restoring an old or damaged photo? How would you breathe new life into something so old and weathered? Well, it's not easy, we'll tell you that! But it ultimately depends on: 1) what kind of...

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