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Restoration Services

Old World Restorations has been restoring and preserving art and antiques since 1978.  We provide affordable art restoration and conservation services for individuals, collectors, museums, historical societies, designers, dealers and insurance companies nationwide.  We clean, expertly restore and conserve paintings, prints, photographs, frames, works on paper, historic documents, decorative objects, chandeliers, statuary and more.

  • Items are examined and treatment options with cost estimates are provided for approval, before any work is performed.
  • Most projects are completed in our Cincinnati, Ohio studio within eight weeks, unless required sooner.
  • Our fees are based on the time and materials required to complete each project.

Whether you have a single painting to be cleaned or an entire collection to be preserved, you will find our experienced staff eager to assist.

For more information: call us at (513) 271-5459 or email us at info@oldworldrestorations.com

Restoration Services

From simple repairs and cleaning, to restoration and conservation treatments that are truly remarkable.  In most cases, the damage is restored and no longer visible to the naked eye.  We follow the Standards of Practice and professional Codes of Ethics established by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (A.I.C.).  We practice sensitive methods and use only reversible materials that do not harm or alter the artists original work.



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Collection Care

The restoration and conservation treatment of damaged and deteriorated art should be left to experienced professionals. However, there are things you can do to safeguard your collections and to minimize the effects of time, neglect, the environment, and improper handling, display and storage.

Collection Care

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Preserving Family Photographs

The life expectancy of a photograph is dependent upon the care and handling that it receives.  Photographs can easily be damaged by improper handling, storage, display and framing.  There are however, things that you can and should do to safeguard these...

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Restoring Picture Frames

So you have an old frame that you absolutely adore, but it's just not its old self anymore? Perhaps it looks worn, discolored and is even cracked, broken or missing in places. Old World Restorations can help!  We do frame and...

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Once we’ve looked over your project, we will then contact you with treatment options and a preliminary estimate.

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