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Statue Restoration and Sculpture Restoration

Our staff has years of experience restoring and preserving nearly any type of indoor or outdoor sculpture and statuary. We offer the removal of previous restorations, stabilization, cleaning, removal of stains and discoloration, fabrication of missing areas, consolidation and the rebuilding of eroded surfaces.

Projects can be completed in our Cincinnati studio or on-site. We contract with experienced riggers and specialized movers to safely transport large and fragile works nationwide.

Our work usually involves stabilization, cleaning and to preserve and leave exposed as much of the original surface and decoration as possible. Our staff understands the importance of maintaining the charm and antiquity of every object we restore.

Preserving Outdoor Art | Bronze

Most of us assume that since these works of art were designed to be exhibited and enjoyed outdoors, that they will gracefully endure seasonal changes indefinitely without damage or deterioration.

Weathering is to be expected and environmental conditions can be severe, but their effects can be slowed with proper care. Significant to keeping outdoor sculpture and statuary in good condition is carefully selecting a suitable location. Organic growth on statuary will be greater when dense trees, shrubs and ground cover are nearby and become overgrown. Outdoor statuary of marble or bronze can be adversely affected when placed near a swimming pool or fountain where chlorine can cause premature corrosion.

Some deterioration occurs slowly and is frequently unnoticed until after much of the damage has already been done. Deposits of dust from circulating air supports the formation of fungal cells on porous stone, metal and clay sculpture. Once begun, the roots (mycelium) of such growth break through the surface and begin a cycle of deterioration that if left untreated, can be irreversible. Freeze/thaw cycles can further exaggerate these effects on nearly all types of statuary and garden containers. Small cracks will quickly grow if left unprotected throughout the winter, as water freezes and expands, forcing the cracks to separate.

Routine and appropriate maintenance can preserve outdoor sculpture for many years. Preventive maintenance is critical to slowing the ravages of time and extreme weather. Examination by a knowledgeable conservator is a critical first step. A professional assessment will alert you to existing conditions such as oxidization, deterioration and stress fractures that may not be clearly visible. A conservator may suggest and prioritize necessary treatment options that can include simple cleaning, stabilization and restoration of damaged areas. Part of any suggested treatment should be a plan for regular maintenance and future restorations. For example, bronze statue conservation and restoration will often include the application of hot and cold wax layers. Every few years the base wax will need to be rejuvenated. The paste wax is typically reapplied two to three times a year to seal and protect the structure.

Owners and caretakers of outdoor art should carefully inspect their entire collection several times a year. Pay careful attention to the accumulation of surface dirt, grime, lichen, algae or mold. If a statue or garden piece has been repaired or restored, examine these areas for any sign of deterioration, cracking or delamination. Small structural cracks and voids can be infilled with proper materials and sealed to minimize the need for costly restorations in the future. Outdoor artwork enjoys its best chance against the ravages of time and weather when the owner and an experienced conservator work together toward future preservation.

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