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Ceramic objects can be restored so that any damage is no longer visible to the naked eye. Our ceramic restorations are performed using reversible, non-destructive methods and materials. We can reverse previous repairs, assemble broken pieces, replace missing areas, inpaint and replicate nearly any design, shape, color and finish.

Object restoration involves the use of compatible and reversible synthetic materials including adhesives, fillers, and clear coatings that are applied over the original glazed surface to conceal the damage. These materials do not require firing and therefore are not permanent. We do not re-fire broken porcelain or pottery to avoid the risk of further irreversible damage.

Our process begins with the removal of any previous repairs and adhesives that may exist. Broken fragments are thoroughly cleaned and then expertly reassembled with a suitable adhesive.

Porcelain Repair Porcelain Repair and Ceramic Restoration

Missing areas can be fabricated with simulated materials. Chips and breaks are in-filled and prepared for in-painting (retouching). Base colors are usually applied with an airbrush to achieve a smooth transition between the damaged and undamaged areas. Patterns and artistic designs are replicated and restored by hand with fine artist’s brushes.

A final protective clear coating is applied to mimic the original surface sheen and texture. Some final glazes are applied over the restored areas only, while others may require that the entire surface be over-glazed with an acrylic coating.

Our conservators minimize the application of new paint and glaze in an effort to leave as much of the original design and surface glaze exposed and untouched as possible.

We do not recommend restoring china or dinnerware that you intend to use. Non-fired acrylic coatings that are applied during restoration process can decompose with prolonged exposure to heat and water. Restored objects should be used for display only.

has experience restoring all types of antique and collectible ceramics, porcelain and art pottery including: American Encaustic Tile, Belleek, Bing & Grondhal, Boehm, Buffalo, Canton, Capo-di-Monte, Chelsea, Chinese Export, Copenhagen, Cowan, Cybis, Davenport, Delft, Dresden, Earthenware, Flow Blue, Fulper, Goebel, Goldscheider, Grueby, Haeger, Haviland, Hull, Hummel, Hutschenreuther, Imari, Ispanky, KPM, Lenox, Limoge, Liverpool, Lladro, Lotus Ware, Lowestoft, Majolica, Marblehead, McCoy, Meissen, Minton, Mocha, Moorcroft, Naples, Newcomb, Nippon, Noritake, Nymphenburg, George Ohr, Overbeck, Owens, Pickard, R.S. Prussia, Red Wing, Rockingham, Rookwood, Rose Medallion, Rosenthal, Roseville, Royal Copenhagen, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Doulton, Royal Vienna, Royal Worcester, Satsuma, Sevres, Spatterware, Spode, Spongeware, Staffordshire, Stangl, Teco, Tiffany, Uhl, Van Briggle, Villeroy & Boch, Wedgewood, Weller, Wheatley, Zsolnay

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