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Photographs are miraculous things. They catch a single moment in history for the rest of time, provided that they hold up through time. Unfortunately, as photos get older, they start to age: they change color, fade, become wrinkled, and might even get damaged by the elements. Photographs can even suffer from acidity, tears, stains and holes. But never fear, that's why we're here to help! Our photo restoration and preservation services include cleaning, flattening, repairing, color-matching and retouching. We also offer digital photo restoration services -- another method to get that beautiful photo right back to new. This option should be used if your photo is beyond normal repair limits. Preserve the important moments from your past and inquire about our photo restoration services!

Preventing Photo Deterioration

There are a few things you can do to proactively take care of your cherished photographs.

Consider these pointers:

  • Store them in a photograph album with film to cover them.
  • Do not store them in the attic or basement, where they would be subject to intense heat/humidity, cold or dampness.
  • Wear clean gloves when handling them.
  • Handle them gently.
  • Touch the sides of the photos when handling them.

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Above: Restored photograph, Old World Restorations

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Above: Restored photograph, Old World Restorations


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