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by Administrator21. October 2013 21:11

So you have an old frame that you absolutely adore, but it's just not its old self anymore? Perhaps it looks worn, tarnished, and is even cracked, broken and discolored in places.

We can help!

We do frame and gold leaf restoration. We put as much care and attention into restoring frames as we would the painting itself. We can restore any type of frame, including even the simplest wooden frames.

Our frame restoration services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Repairing 
  • Stabilization of corners
  • Color-matching
  • Gilding
  • Toning
  • Fabrication of missing pieces
Below is an excellent example of our work. Call us with any questions at (513) 271-5459.


Above: Before the restoration process

Painting Repair

Above: After the restoration process


Painting & Art Restoration | Old World Restoration

by Administrator2. October 2013 18:44

The concept behind the process of art restoration is simple: the act of restoring and polishing up a piece of work of art to a previous state that the restorer believes to be its "original" state. The technique behind it, though, is something else entirely. So how does art restoration work?

Restoring Oil Paintings

This restoration process refers to several different things, all wrapped up into one. Restorers will remove surface dirt and discoloring, apply professional treatments, and, if needed, replace elements of the painting with similar pigment. (These are the main steps, but there are many more steps, as indicated below.)  A good professional restorer will make sure that the retouching of the artwork is limited to specific areas of paint loss and/or damaged areas. Oil paintings can be touched up with glaze that is transparent or semi-transparent, as well, always as needed. Of course, the techniques used will vary by piece of art. Each piece will be restored in accordance with its colors, shapes, genre, structure and its original materials will be kept in mind during the process.

A note on the backing support of oil painting: The different types of material support used for oil paintings can include wood paneling, paper, cardboard, composition board, metal and canvas. Each one can offer a different advantage for the artist and artwork, but will come along with different procedures for the person restoring the art.

Our Process

Our restoration process is much more "scientific." We have a many-stepped process that includes a scientific analysis of the artwork, restoration of damage, reduction or removal of yellowed varnish, infilling of the paint loss and more.


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