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Antique Furniture Restoration

The big thing you’ll have to be aware of when considering restoring your antique furniture is that it will likely lose almost, if not all, of its value if not done correctly. This is because antique collectors much prefer that the old / original material in the creation of the furniture be kept intact. Is a piece of furniture truly an antique if the original materials are no longer present?

That being said, the antique restoration industry has changed vastly over the years. The practice of caring for and restoring fine furniture is now dedicated to preserving the original finish and individual elements of the furniture. Special attention is given to every area that makes the antique special.

Our Policies

We restore and preserve these types of antique furniture:

      ·        Paper-mache

      ·        Wood

      ·        Lacquer

      ·        Stone

      ·        Ivory

      ·        Metal

Our antique restorers give each element of the furniture individual attention in the restoration of the whole object.

Cleaning Antique Furniture

Antique furniture cleaning needs to be done with the same amount of caution. A reputable antique furniture cleaner will be able to identify all of the materials used to create the piece. The cleaner should then know that each material used in its construction will have a different reaction to the solvents and cleaning agents to clean it.

In conclusion, we will work with you in deciding whether to restore, preserve or clean your antique furniture. We have experienced furniture conservators willing to talk it out with you and go over your options. Let us know how we can help – call us at (513) 271-5459.


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