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Architectural Restoration Services

Murals, Frescoes, Statuary, Gold Leaf, Decorative Plaster, Chandeliers, Monuments

Since 1978, , Inc. has been involved in the on-site restoration and preservation of and historic significance. Projects include restorations in churches, schools, courthouses, theatres, office buildings, banks, hotels, libraries and private homes.

Damage caused by smoke, fire, water, vandalism, neglect and time can be expertly restored by our experienced staff. We can assist with any restoration project, large or small, from preliminary on-site inspections and recommendations to complete restorations.

Old World Restorations provides a wide range of Conservation and Architectural Restoration Services.

  • On-site examination and documentation of original decorative surfaces
  • of interior decorative surfaces
  • , gilding, glazing, stenciling and faux finishes
  • of murals and frescoes
  • Mural removal, restoration and reinstallation
  • Restoration of indoor/outdoor statuary and sculpture
  • Repair, Restoration and Rewiring of lighting fixtures
  • Cleaning of crystal chandeliers
  • Stained glass conservation
  • Plaster restoration
  • Marble cleaning and restoration
  • Fire and water damage restoration
  • Restoration and preservation of historical documents and photographs
  • Fund-raising assistance
  • Collection Surveys and Consultations
  • On-Site Inspections and Testing
  • Project Specification Design
  • Liturgical Consulting
  • Monument Restoration
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Insurance Damage Claims

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